Nikki discovered her love of MOVEMENT at the age of six, when her parents JP and Liz took her and her sister to their first concert, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night! Hooked on live entertainment and performance, Nikki began studying many styles of movement including hip hop, salsa and belly dance which have helped build her body awareness.

"Dancing is in my blood. I will always dance. Something very magical happens when what you hear musically can be expressed through movement. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm addicted to it" -Nikki

In 2013, Nikki set on a mission to becoming a mighty mini mouse and began focusing on training with kettlebells. She fell in love as soon as her hands gripped that iron! As a fitness and kettlebell instructor she focuses on basic technique. Her goal is to build a solid foundation of strength, which helps people feel more confident with many aspects of their daily life. Teaching is a passion of Nikki's, she wants people to experience the many benefits of body awareness and improved movement patterns. 

Nikki's nutrition philosophy is simple, stop eating the crap and give your body wholesome, nutrient dense food it needs. Easier said than done. She helps her clients focus on incorporating better habits and saying "bye bye" to the bad ones to help them get on track with better eating.