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The Risk of High Food Rewards

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

I'd like to focus on motivating you to avoid eating processed food. This is key to getting you on track to feeling BETTER. I hear all the time “I know this is bad for me…” and people continue to feed their bodies with poor quality junk.

Here are just a few reasons as to  why we try our BEST to avoid the processed crap. I hope this motivates you next time you are tempted to purchase and indulge in food that a) really is a mixture of chemicals b) causes inflammation c) does NOT do a body good. 


 1) Our body’s own fat set point system (mechanisms include hunger/fullness and increasing/ decreasing metabolism) gets out of whack = body having a harder time burning fat. Why? Processed food quiets your body’s biological behaviors and your cells cannot communicate properly with an overload of junk in your system. This can lead to weight gain and whole bunch of other “I don’t feel good” scenarios.


 2) Processed food affects you differently on a neurological level than does whole/nutrient dense food.  Potential causes of fat gain are high food reward and high food variety.

 -High food reward = yummy!!!! and makes your brain go kookoo, releasing dopamine and creating that feel “good” sensation. Stimulating the pleasure center of your brain isn’t a bad thing but it can tap out and be over stimulated (basically same thing happens with drug addicts) leaving you wanting more and more of a certain thing, let’s say those packages cookies you can’t stop thinking about. The end result of constant high food reward may lead to weight gain because chances are you’re over consuming calories.

 Long story short, you are potentially lighting up the pleasure/hedonic part of the brain just like cocaine or heroin does when eating processed food and why?

Because high reward foods contain an unforgiving combo of refined sugar, fat, and artificial flavorings that are professionally engineered to increase that food reward spark. The list of chemicals and non-nutrient ingredients are overwhelming, 50+ chemicals  EEEEWWWWW!!!!

Keep it up and the reward threshold increases and that my friend- begins the unnecessary journey to neurological addiction. Your brain’s chemical cravings are now in control, taking the driver seat, creating a pain in the ass habit that’s hard to kick to the curb. These high calorie, nutrient poor foods are preventing your body from doing what it wants to do, which is to function properly.


We have all been there…stuffed at an event but made some room for a specific food you wanted and you ate beyond your fullness. You’re likely to eat more when a wider variety of food is available. Too much to choose from = not good. 

Stick to the basics and beaware of the risk of HIGH FOOD REWARDS.